Italian Wedding Photographer and Videographer

We remember through our eyes and the images that they capture and figure out.
And we remember through the pictures we look at.
So far, nothing new, memory is indispensable to man.

But what if the images we seek, once found, did not correspond to that intricate tangle of memories and emotions still so alive in us? That’s the point: you should invest in a different wedding photography, a sincere one.
Flowers will wither, except in our photographs. And this is not at all a negligible detail but the key to a wider discourse.
And what about the feelings you shared that day?
They deserve to live for a long time after your wedding day because they represent your whole life, your past and your future.

We are photographers before being also wedding photographers. We still study photography and we are inspired by the great photographers of the past and the present who made wonderful projects all around the world getting deep inside the meaning of what they wanted to represent, to communicate.
We do this not  just because we are professionals (since 10 years) and this is what we love doing but also because WE KNOW THAT STRONG, IMPRESSIVE, TRUE AND ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHS WILL MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.
In a certain sense this is also a project, a great work on a day that lays the foundations of a new life.

Cinematography has changed our society and it is not anymore just a way to enjoy time whatcing a movie.
It has become also the way to document real life and it is as fascinating as challenging, the same as photography. Especially because we aim to make something unusual, out of what is expected, WE FOCUS ON WHAT REALLY HAPPENS to emphasize the joyful way you share your feelings more than focusing on our mental scheme of what has been expected from a wedding day.
This is a deep difference, as in photography.

If we move the perspective from the outside to the inside of the event, if WE USE OUR EMPHATY TO ENHANCE AND CAPTURE YOUR RELATIONSHIPS, then our works will really mean a lot to you and to us. They will make your feelings alive because you can see the truth in them.
While being aware of the responsibility you give us, while respecting your needs and your choices, we also feel free to create, to interpretate the events.

We share a strong passion: photography. And some strong believes as well.
We believe that to feed knowledge is the engine and the constant stimulus of our being photographers. WE STUDY, WE REFLECT, WE ARE INSPIRED BY GREAT PHOTOGRAPHERS and by their works.
Subjects may change but powerful projects are still a powerful message.

We believe that the approach we choose can make the difference.We get inside your wedding day, we feel involved, we need to be empathetic. WE UNDERSTAND, WE THINK, WE EXPRESS.
In the meantime we are discreet and we don’t force anything in order to preserve what really happen. We know how to go with the flow but we are also aware of what we are doing and where we are going.

We believe that documentary photography also means subjectivity. Our couples are our subjects captured by our subjectivities. Scenes are there and the way we capture them build the main Scenario. Your personal and magnificent one.
Subjects act, change, build existences.
We interact with them and that is what makes our works alive. You cannot find many details, tables decorations and flowers in our pictures. But you may find a bit of your soul.

We try to be unique to tell your unique story.
We try to be subjects and not objects as wedding industry would like to treat us all.
We are still free of thinking, of creating!
We believe in method. We may not interfere in the timing of the day, WE MAY STAY BEHIND THE SCENES BUT WE HAVE A SOLID METHOD while shooting photos and videos.
We know where to be and to stay to catch the perfect moment, we pay attention to your family and friends not to miss anyone.
WE FOLLOW LIGHT, OUR MUSE, the natural element that makes the difference. Sun, shades, contrasts.
To create dynamism, to give a further meaning to our photographs.

This is a bit of us. Alessandro, Luca and Veronica.